1 € EUR Challenge

One Euro will help so save a small natural paradise in Costa Rica from destruction …

What do you mean, you can’t buy a piece of land with one euro?

That’s right! But it can be done if you find many people who are willing to contribute one Euro …

And that is exactly what we would like to try with the “1 € EUR Challenge”.

We imagine the whole thing as a kind of relay race, where everyone takes on just a tiny piece (in this case one Euro) of the entire distance. After that, the baton is passed on to trustworthy hands. Whoever accepts the baton (the challenge) agrees to donate at least 1 Euro as well and to provide for at least one more challenger (relay runner). And so on and so forth …
In the end, everyone has only taken on a small share and yet together we can achieve something great.

Are you ready to participate in the relay?

We have set up a link at Paypal where you can pay immediately.


With this, the first part of the challenge is already done.

After that, please find at least one more person who is willing to take the baton and thus take the responsibility that the run does not stop.
(The more people you can motivate, the better it is, of course!) It can also be a run around the world.

Please join us and save the lives of many great plants and animals!

And here again the link to PayPal:


Oh yes, sharing this post also helps of course!