Does the project serve rainforest/climate protection?

RenaturaRica is not a classic project for the protection of rainforest areas or for reforestation, because the property is too small for that.
However, we would like to do everything we can to ensure that the old trees on the land are not cut down, but are preserved. We also want to renaturalize the land and plant more native trees.
In this way, of course, this project also contributes to climate protection in a small way.

What is actually the purchase price?

We are not yet able to provide any precise information on this. Unfortunately, the property is a potential building site in a sought-after local location and not agricultural land or forest in sparsely populated areas. The owner would like to start marketing a first piece of land this year, which has not been surveyed at this time. For this purpose, he would like to divide this piece into small lots, so that many houses could be built on small plots. We received a promise from the owner that he will not take any further steps at the moment, but that he will give us until May to raise money via crowdfunding to purchase it. Size and the price per square meter can only become a more concrete topic for negotiation when we know how much money is available for purchase.

How do you know the property so well?

We are very fortunate to be able to live in Cahuita a few weeks a year. Our property borders on a small part of the land that we want to protect. We therefore have a direct view of the property at one point and can easily observe which animals live there and pass through on a daily basis.

Which camera do we use?

Iris takes freehand photos with the Panasonic DMC-FZ1000 bridge camera.
She doesn’t just take one picture per motif, but – if possible – always takes many. On the computer, she then selects the best one or ones from all of them, or sometimes deletes all of them because none of them were useful.

What happens to the money if it’s not enough to buy the property?

We are not giving up so quickly and will also try again on another crowdfunding platform.
If the purchase still does not materialize, we will use every cent of the money raised to protect rainforest areas in Costa Rica. Either we will purchase another piece of land worth protecting, or we will donate the money to an existing organization dedicated to rainforest protection in Costa Rica.

Who will benefit if the property is purchased from you?

We will not buy the property privately, but through a non-profit organization. So we are not deriving any financial benefit from it.
The purchase serves to keep an incredible number of animals and plants alive, to protect them permanently and to preserve their habitat.
Large, old trees are saved from deforestation and can continue to store CO2 and produce oxygen …
We believe that the entire village of Cahuita will also benefit and the protection of the property will help to preserve the charm of the place.
It is planned to make the property accessible in the future for interested nature lovers and the school classes from Cahuita, because there is a lot to discover and learn. (The vegetation and animal life there is very different from what one can see on the national park trails that are open to the public).