What is this site about

We, that are Iris, Marc and Jonas Willecke, would like to protect a small but unique natural paradise from destruction in Cahuita, Costa Rica. The habitat of countless animals, plants and trees is thus permanently preserved.

The project

Adjacent to the Cahuita National Park in Costa Rica, a plot of land is to be purchased to protect it from further deforestation and development. The land is currently being offered for marketing and construction of residential houses or tourist accommodation. The development would massively threaten and destroy the habitat of animals and plants living there.

At present the altogether approx. 30.000m² large property is very sparsely cultivated with bananas and coconut palms. The area is cleaned and harvested about once a year. A large part of the cult plants grow under a secondary forest with native trees.

In addition to the unique direct location at the national park, the so far low utilization by humans makes the property so interesting for the local flora and fauna. It is used by many animals (monkeys, sloths, spiders, birds, caimans, basilisks, …) as a place to stay and retreat, as a passageway and for foraging.

Aim of this project

The aim of this project is to acquire this unique piece of land through a new non-profit company to be founded and to preserve it in the long term.
The cultivated plants such as banana and coconut are to be removed, the existing tree population is to be preserved and extended by further planting of native tree and plant species, so that a piece of natural rainforest is created again.
This project will protect in the same way the unique fauna and flora of this region. In addition, it will contribute a small part to climate protection through the continued existence and expansion of the tree population.

What we do

We provide 20,000 EUR (approx. 24.000 USD) directly for this project idea from the beginning, take care of the project in the long term and ensure that further funds are only used for purchase and renaturation.

Unfortunately, it is not possible for us personally to raise more money ourselves, nor is the available sum sufficient to implement the project.

For this reason, we are looking for further project supporters and donors via this website and GoFundMe.

What can you do?

Donate money

With your donation you support the purchase of the first section of the property. Help us to reach the goal together.


Bank transfer

Holder: Iris und Marc Willecke
IBAN: DE28 5001 0517 5595 7664 40





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